Researchand education.


We cherish every opportunity to respond to academic inquiries. The greater we can assist research in Malaysia, the greater we understand academic and national needs & objectives.

  • Networking
  • Consultancy
  • Technology Audits
  • Research Audits
  • Dev Stack Analysis

Teacher Training

Among intelligent academic staff, our experience in development has assisted projects, course design and grant completion. We love ambitious and growth-oriented teaching staff.

  • Skills Auditing
  • Curriculum Development
  • Professional Services
  • Technology Delivery
  • Certification

Student Education

Nothing in our business makes us as excited as introducing eager learners to the joys of coding. With years of teaching experience, our company exits to code and create coders!

  • Technology Integration
  • Curriculum Creation
  • Expert Engagement
  • Facilitation
  • Certification


With numerous expert associates in local education, we love to assist organizations in bringing the prestige and potential of coding didactics to your organization and its public profile.

  • Brand Synergy
  • Industry Routing
  • Practicum Facilitation
  • Publicity Partnerships
  • Media Design

Crash Course (2017)

Crash Course was a two day Mobile App Development course.  The course was designed and developed under our previous corporate name (Redletter Digital).  The curriculum was developed to meet the need of repeated app development requests from tertiary lecturers and professors. The course comprehensively reviewed iOS and Android development and their development environments. (Original Advertisement) (Original Brochure)

Src:Card (2014)

Src:Card was our nation’s first product success on the platform (raising in excess of its initial goal).  Src:Card was developed from post-graduate work in visual programming for the purpose of teaching introductory coding techniques.  This physical product has been used by teachers in Turkish universities, East Malaysian coding schools, local courses and many places in between.  An excellent and engaging coding tool, enjoyed by educators, students and gamers alike. (