Sales Leader Position :: A project role (6 weeks with possible extension) with a salary of RM1800 plus bonuses and commissionsThis role provides excellent potential for extensive commissions and the opportunity to work with experts in technology and sales. If you have a business background or education in business you may be the perfect candidate for this role.  The primary criteria for employment is a passion to work in sales (with our clients) and the desire to seize an opportunity that could allow you to earn substantial commission returns.   As a small business, our success is your success. Also necessary:

  • A strong competency in English and Bahasa Melayu.
  • The ability to communicate well; both verbally and in written text.
  • You are joining a small team and everyone needs to operate independently and creatively at times.
  • Experience in education or with educators is a bonus (but not necessary)

The position is probationary for 6 weeks part-time (5 hours per day, 4 days a week).  Initial pay is RM1800 plus goal related bonuses and commissions. Bonuses for meeting project goals and generous commissions are available as well.  If the 6 week position is successful there is a real possibility to join our team full-time on a salaried position plus future commission.

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