What do you have to say?

For over 25 years, between the 1930s until the mid fifties, a mysterious man would roam the streets of Sydney and write one phrase everywhere he could: “Eternity”. Every day the city workers of Sydney would remove this message only to see it printed freshly in yellow chalk somewhere else. This illiterate man would write this phrase in a beautiful boilerplate cursive script every evening. It was seen by most of Sydney.

It wasn’t until 1956, more than two decades after the man began sharing his message, that the clandestine author was identified. This one word had possessed this man. This singular message and its dissemination became his calling. And Arthur Stace an illiterate, son of two drunk parents, brother to two sisters who ran a brothel heard a message entitled “Echoes of Eternity” from a Baptist Christian preacher speaking locally. He turned his life over to Jesus and spent the next few decades writing one phrase in the hopes of causing others to consider eternity.

Sales is the act of onboarding new customers. Marketing is the act of getting your idea in front of potential consumers.

— Chris Do

Reach the world.

Arthur Stace is widely remembered in Sydney. His message was stretched across the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the Olympics. There is a movie and a book covering his life. A public work of art in his memory, a theatre named after his message. T shirts can be ordered with Sydney’s famous unofficial motto. People imitate and remember his work 50 years after his death.

This is Guerilla marketing.

Marketing is simply getting a message in front of as many people as possible. Some people purchase billboards (at almost 1 million ringgit per placement along federal roadways). Some purchase television ads in an age of reduced viewership. Some purchase radio ads or print ads. All these modes of exposure have their use, however in an age of ever connected and often disinterested consumers and clients, it is important to take your message to where people are. Sometimes this requires grassroots campaigns, talking with potential consumers, handing out material or samples, placing stickers, sponsoring events and much more. Whats more, these “Guerilla” tactics often cost much less than traditional marketing and produce much more meaningful engagement.

The power of an app, well placed amongst a target demographic or a website meeting the needs of a specific clientele not only creates a lower cost, better positioned and longer lasting impact, it allows for repeat use, iterative adaption and social media leverage. Imagine creating a survey tool for a marketing team that positions your company beyond your competitors and can sign-up or convert costumers right on the spot. This is something a billboard can never do. In the age of the “call to action” traditional media just can’t have the same reach and impact as “guerilla” campaigns (and at a fraction of the cost).